During the COVID-19 pandemic, UES is expanding it's services. In addition to our normal air quality and water damage assessments we are now offering post cleaning verification testing, air probiotics, and UV PCO air purification systems.


As people are staying in their homes right now, problems with air quality may become more noticeable and a bigger concern. If you are caring for a loved one who is at increased risk, or you yourself are at a higher risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, you may be looking for ways to minimize your risk of exposure. Or if you are an essential business or health care center, you may be worried about the risk to your employees and customers, and looking for new ways to clean and disinfect your building. UES is here to help you find the best solutions to these concerns.

Post Cleaning Verification 

In order to ensure procedures used for sanitizing surfaces are effective, UES is offering a microbial analysis to confirm that cleaning methods were successful. Although we cannot test for viruses specifically, knowing that sanitized surfaces have no bacteria present can be an indication that there is a small likelihood that other microorganisms could remain viable.


To take a sample, use a swab on the surface that was cleaned. Cleaning should be complete and include the use of virucide. Allow enough time to elapse for the surface to dry, and then swab the surface to be tested. Ship the sample overnight to the laboratory. If bacteria is detected, we will report the Total Aerobic Bacteria Count. If no bacterial colonies are detected, your final report will show as “No Aerobic Bacteria Detected.” For an additional cost there is an option to have species and counts of bacteria included on report.

Probiotics for your air

Traditional air purifiers use either filters or indiscriminate kill technology. Both are limited by their inability to treat the pollutants at their source, plus they blindly kill both good and bad bacteria. The biggest drawback is these products only treat the air, leaving surfaces and objects overrun with allergens and pathogens. Now there’s a better way. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help boost our immunity, improve digestion, reduce allergies, improve our mood, and more. The benefits of probiotics, however, are no longer limited to inside our bodies. UES is offering a system that has taken the science behind probiotics and transposed it to the indoor environments we live in.

UV PCO Air Purifiers

HEPA air purifiers have been on the market for a while, but there have also been some recent advances made in air purification technologies. Many air purifier manufacturers are now utilizing Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology as a way of removing toxins from the air. For years, PCO has been FDA approved for reducing bacteria in meat processing plants, and it's even used to cleanse pesticides from the fruits and vegetables we eat. ability to eliminate particles as small as 0.001 microns, including the tiny penetrating particles that can absorb into your lungs and cause damage (HEPA filters are only able to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns). Studies have also shown that in addition to VOCs, toxic gases, and chemicals, photocatalytic units can also render gases like carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide harmless -- these are pollutants which can often escape standard units utilizing HEPA or ionic technology alone.

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